Big Screens for Charity

Spread Your Message with Big Screens

Event planners for charity events not only focus on making the day as fun as possible to help with fundraising, but it’s also about ensuring that the day has an impact on everyone who has attended. Whether it’s for a local community or for something much bigger, it’s important that the message of the charity is communicated.

Communicating with LED Screens

Our LED Screens add an exciting, dynamic element to your event and they can also help you to communicate your message. If you have guest speakers raising awareness, you can make sure they are seen by all of your guests by displaying them on the big screen. If you have sponsors contributing to your event, displaying their logo or services on the big screen will make sure they have the coverage they deserve.

Versatile Media Display

From live broadcast feeds to social media feeds, our screens offer a range of opportunities for any event. They can be deployed with a number of functions, making them interactive, immersive and versatile. It’s a great way to keep your event exciting throughout the day.

Screens for Every Event

Your LED screen requirements will vary depending on the nature and specification of your event. Luckily we have two options for you so we can provide a screen to suit every occasion. We have our Mobile LED Trailer Screen which can be set up within 30 minutes of arrival onto a site. This is good for outdoor events and events that need a speedy setup.

Our Modular LED Screens are great for events that need a more permanent structure or where entry onto the site is limited (such as an indoor venue). Because the screens are modular, we can bring them in and build a big screen inside the venue despite the size of the venue entrance.

If you would like to find out more about our products or services, maybe just have a chat with one of our experienced team about your next event, please give us a call or fill out the contact form below.

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