LED Screens for Community Events

Without a doubt, every community thrives when it comes to throwing an event. Whether it’s as a fundraiser, a chance to engage with others in your small town or even as a well-loved tradition, committees are often throwing their hearts into creating something spectacular for those around them.

Make a Big Impact with a Big Screen

With the growth of social media and technology, it is often hard for traditional committees to think of modern ways to enhance their ever-growing events. As event-goers numbers grow and with more and more local businesses getting involved, it can be tricky to not only find a way to make everything work together but also appeal to a younger audience.

Mobile Screen Hire

Hiring a mobile LED screen is a great way to modernise your event while also offering potential fundraising abilities. Many of our clients choose to deploy a mobile LED screen in a public space at your community event. This screen can then be used for local businesses to pay to display a showreel of their products and services.

Live LED Screen Instructions

Mobile LED screens offer so much more than simple video playback. Your community event can become interactive, with live updates of the event being displayed for visitors at the click of a button. Why not guide your visitors with a live schedule and event information display – keeping visitors up to speed so they can enjoy the entirety of your main event. Community events can not only be enhanced for visitors but also for sponsors, part-takers and more with our mobile LED screens, adding an additional exciting element to your event.

Easy Setup and Deployment

Our mobile screens are super quick and easy to set up, we can have them up and running within 30 minutes of arrival. A fully trained technician will stay on side for the duration of the event so you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly.

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