Why Digital Scoreboards Win Every Time

Whatever the sport, a scoreboard is always important. It has to big enough for visitors to see, whilst being easy enough to update to keep everything running smoothly.

Keeping Score With a Big Screen

If you are hosting a sporting event, the score is always going to be important. From clay pigeon shooting to football, our mobile LED screens can be deployed to your outdoor event with a live scoreboard that can be updated with a click of a button. This will add a bright, eye-catching and engaging element for your guests.

Big Stadium Screens

The addition of a digital scoreboard will help remove the home-made feel of a smaller sporting event. It gives every sporting event a professional, stadium vibe. Paired with our live broadcasting elements, unforgettable moments can be played back to make things even more exciting.

Big Screen from Dawn until Dusk

Our mobile screens are visible, even in bright sunlight and they work well into the night. We can set them up within 30 minutes of arrival and we can change the display with the click of the button to keep your guests engaged and entertained. This means in between showing the score we can show information, event sponsor adverts and more.

If you would like to discuss our mobile screens or make a booking for our next event, please give us a call or fill out the contact form below.

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