LED Screens at Gala Events

A gala is a fancy event and if you are planning one, you will expect your guests to turn up dressed in their finest gowns and sharpest suits. It is important when you plan the events that your guest’s expectations are met when they step into the venue. There are so many things to take into consideration, the event space, the lighting, the decoration and the entertainment.

The addition of an LED Screen can be just the thing to take your event from ‘just another gala’ and into something modern and fresh that’ll get a positive reaction.

LED Screens for Timekeeping

Galas usually include speeches, award ceremonies and sometimes-even auctions! Using an LED Screen, you can display the running order as and when it happens. And the great thing about an LED Screen is that it’s adaptable and if there is a change in the lineup or schedule, it’s quick and easy to adjust.

Guests will be able to keep on track of what’s happening and never miss an important moment. This also gives great scope to any sponsors as they can be displayed in between live footage of what’s happening on stage and the event schedule.

Awards on the Big Screen

Using a screen to display awards ceremonies will always add an exciting element to the show. You can display nominee names as your host calls them out and show off the winner with a bang! Using cameras and live feed, you can also display the nominees at their table and capture their reaction when they’ve won on the big screen. It’s a great way to add that something special to your event.

Mobile LED Screens

If you are planning an outdoor gala, we have two options of screen available to you. Our Mobile LED Screens are quick and easy to set up, in fact, we can have them set up within 30 minutes of arrival.

Modular LED Screens

Modular LED Screens are built and sometimes mounted onto a frame, because of this they are usually used for longer outdoor events or indoor events where access may be an issue. They are brought onsite in parts and seamlessly constructed to your specifications.

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