Immersive LED Backdrops

Immersive Stage Backdrops

With every festival or large stadium concert, there are always screens on either side of the stage (and beyond) so that everyone can enjoy the main event. However, there are more ways to utilise LED screens within festivals and concerts to make things that little bit extra exciting. If you choose to get creative, you will find that an LED Screen can be an exciting, immersive addition to your event.

Captivating Graphics

The world of digital is growing and with this growth comes greater expectations. Artists want to get their music out there but they also realise that it is all about the show if they want to stand out from the crowd.

With modular LED screens installed behind the stage, they can display their very own graphics to help make the event even more immersive. This means they can have simple graphics, creative light shows or even their music video plating in the background. It’s a great way to set the scene for each and every song! These engaging graphics can help to draw the audience in and make the experience of watching your favourite band even more exciting.

Easy Set Building with Big Screens

Not only can our LED screens be used as a backdrop for artists and DJs, they can also be used as digital backdrops for theatrical events. Whether it’s a pantomime or an opera, our screens are a great way to make set building that little bit easier, with interactive digital backgrounds, offering a hypnotic atmosphere. Our Modular LED Screens are suitable for almost every environment and they can add a stunning element to your production.

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