Big Screens for Independent Film & Music

The independent film and music scene is growing, there are more indie film and music festivals being held all across the UK than ever before. This growth allows emerging artists and filmmakers within the industry to showcase their talents. Although independent events may not have the budget of a mainstream festival, there are still so many solutions for getting your event noticed without breaking the bank.

LED Meets Indie

With new and inviting works to be exhibited, it’s important for event organisers to ensure every detail is on display. The addition of a mobile LED screen is perfect for making sure your show is seen by everyone, even those further back from the action. Take things one step further for that unique selling point.

Big Screen Showcasing

Not only does hiring a mobile LED screen ensure that guests can enjoy the main event regardless of where they’re sitting, it also adds a professional feel to the event. With outdoor mobile LED screens, you can get the true cinema feel without having to worry about projector flickers or direct sunlight affecting the display.

Sponsors & Advertising

Any event couldn’t be complete without a large team backing it – which is where our screen wrapping service can come in handy! Sponsors can be displayed even as the credits roll, with their logos wrapped on the trailer for the screen. A subtle yet effective way to enhance the overall experience whilst showing support for those who made it possible.

Mobile Screen Hire

Our screens are super easy to set up and we can have them deployed within 30 minutes of arrival. They also come with a trained technician who will stay for the duration of the event. All of our screens have 360-degree movement so we can ensure the screen is visible no matter where we park the trailer.

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