Mobile Screen Hire London

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If you are planning an event in London and you want to capture the attention of your audience, use a big LED Screen! With screens perfect for every event, from festivals and sports, to big corporate presentations and conferences, we can make sure you pick the right screen for you. We work with clients throughout London both locally and nationally to deliver an unforgettable experience to your audience.

Mobile LED Trailer Screens in London

Mobile Trailer Screens are great for all kinds of events, whether you are hosting a private party and you want a big LED Screen to show pictures or videos of the evening, or maybe you want to recreate a drive in cinema?

Outdoor Screen Hire London

Mobile LED Trailer Screens are perfect for outdoor events, or anywhere there isn’t limited space onto the site. As the screen is housed in a trailer, it can be set up in as little as 30 minutes from arrival onto the site. With full 360 degree movement it can turn to face your audience, no matter where the trailer is parked. The screens are effective even if they are deployed in bright sunlight or 

LED Event Screens London

Some events may require Modular LED Screens. If there is limited access into a venue then the screen will have to be constructed on-site. Or it may be that you want a semi-permanent structure for an event that lasts a number of days. Modular LED Screens are great for these types of event, and as the screens are constructed on site, they can be built to fir your specifications. 

To talk to us about your event by filling out the form below. We can offer you a free, no obligation quotation. We can work with you to pick the perfect screen for your event.

Sporting Events

You can’t beat your favourite sport on a big screen! A great opportunity to share that ‘big game’ with a crowd of friends or bring additional business to your venue by holding a special event!

Music Festivals

Need a screen for your festival? Why not have two? One either side of a stage or just one behind Front of House. Let your artists be seen on the big screen!

Cinema Events

What a great solution. With quick set up time and self contained silent generator on our trailer screens, we can be set up in no time at all! Watch the latest films or the old classics! Drive in cinema nights – great idea for fundraising!


Looking to advertise your business or event? Why not use the screen to grab everybody’s attention!

Live Broadcast

With our onboard technology, we are able to take a feed from any live broadcast camera or outside broadcast van to show your content with crystal clear vision.

And Much More

Do you have another use for our screens? Just get in touch, we love to embrace new ideas and push ourselves through challenges to meet your needs! Test us…. you wont be disappointed!


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