Why big screens are important at Festivals

Festival season is nearly upon us once again! Festivals have played a large role in the entertainment industry for countless years. Each and every successful festival heightens the bar for the next event – from the first Glastonbury in 1970 all the way through to independent film festivals.

They’ve become inviting second-homes for fans, a place that allows the artists and fans worlds to collide. Which is why it is essential for festival-coordinators and event managers to find ways to ensure the experience is heightened every year.

LED Screens for Festivals

One major complaint within the festival world (aside from the long toilet lines) is the struggling view further back. Some festival-goers simply go for the atmosphere and enjoy being surrounded by music and friends, whereas others like to be able to see everything on stage without being in the midst of the crowd.

It is vital that everyone has their needs met, making the event a worthwhile experience. Imagine the heartbreak of being in the same area as your favourite band or filmmaker but not being able to see them because you’re too far back… It leads to unhappy festival goers and mutters of ‘waste of money’.

Festival Big Screen Hire

With the growing crowd numbers, big screens are undoubtedly must-have for festivals nowadays to keep on top of this, maintaining a professional and enjoyable festival for each and every crowd member. Screens can be deployed alongside the stage, and even further back for larger audiences, offering a live broadcast of the main event itself.

Not only does this keep the back row blues at bay, but also helps to prevent excessive crowd pushing as fans battle to see what’s going on.

Quick & Easy Mobile Screen Hire

At mobile LED screen hire, our mobile LED screens can be deployed on-site and work on a super silent generator, meaning that viewing is uninterrupted. Designed to broadcast live events, fans further back will be able to view the main event without any delays.

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