LED Screens for Sponsorship

If you are trying to make money for a good cause, or host a community event, it’s often a numbers game. The number of people who attend the event and the amount of money you make on the day. A great way to build a buzz and create some hype is with sponsorship. If you can get the right sponsors to support your cause, you will have more funding for the initial costs of the event. With luck, your sponsor will also want to promote what they are doing on social media and other platforms.

One great way to entice sponsors to get involved is to promise they will have great coverage at your event. Even if it’s for a good cause, a sponsor will always want to be congratulated on their generous donations, whatever they may b

Use LED Screens to display your sponsors

Our LED screens allow you to display your sponsors with pride at your next event. Not only can our screen display full video, it can also display still images so that each and every one of your sponsors can get their moment of glory. The bright LED display is guaranteed to make an impact and turn heads.

LED Screen Advertisements

You can also offer the option of Pay and Display to your sponsors. They can pay to have an advert or their products and services displayed at your event. This has the potential to help you raise funds and it also gives your sponsors premium advertisement opportunities to a captured audience. Adverts can be repeated throughout your event, with our technician managing the trailer to ensure everything runs smoothly.

To find out more about our Mobile Trailer Screen you can look at our services page, or download or technical data sheet here.

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