LED Screens for Sporting Events

As a huge sports fan, nothing beats seeing your team play live but sometimes it can be hard to get a good ticket to your favourite sporting events. Many sports fans are refreshing ticket-pages as soon as they go on sale to bag a seat at some of the biggest games.

Get seen with a big screen

With the ever-growing popularity of sports, some fans are unable to be sat front and centre. In order for event planners and organises to ensure a satisfactory experience for all guests, they have to rely on innovative and alternative ways to keep each and every crowd member immersed.

Live Sports Screen Hire

Hiring a mobile LED screen can be a great way to make sure your guests are entertained no matter where they are sitting. You can choose to do a live broadcast of the main event on a mobile LED screen. The guests seated further back will get to see all of the action with no delays. They can still experience the atmosphere of the live event, without missing any of the details that may be lost from being seated further back from the main arena.

Live LED Screen Scoreboard

Mobile LED screens can do so much more than a simple live broadcast. Another option is to display a live scoreboard, making those all-important moments even more immersive. It’s these subtle yet effective uses of a mobile LED screen that can enhance any fans experience. Adding this new and exciting element to every sporting event allows the crowd to see each and every important moment.

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