Big Screens for PSA’s and Live Bulletins

Nowadays, everything moves so fast. From news to trends, it can be hard to keep up – and the same goes for public settings, too. We are used to such an overload of information that it can be hard to break through and get the attention of the public.

If you are hosting an event in a fast-paced environment, it’s important to ensure everyone is safe, in the know and aware of their surroundings. Our screens offer a fast, eye-catching way to be sure this is taken care of!

Modular LED Screens

Our modular LED screens are the perfect solution for venues, shopping centres, amusement parks and much more! Once the installation is complete, you can control what appears on the big screen, allowing you to show live notices and bulletins to your visitors in moments.

Mobile LED Trailer Screens

Our mobile LED screens are a great solution for outdoor events like festivals, community events or even grand openings. They are quick and easy to set up in outdoor spaces, they can be deployed in as little as 30 minutes from arrival. Using these mobile LED Screens you can showcase important news and updates throughout the event.

Reliable Resource

Unlike flyers or word-of-mouth, our big screens are bright and reliable and the information can be changed in an instant. Your visitors will be kept in the loop just from looking at the bright LED display. This is an ideal solution for any event or venue, allowing venue owners and event hosts to keep their visitors up to date with the latest news and schedule changes.

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