Reaching a New Audience with a Big Screen

Advertising is everywhere, every business has a name and a logo and we are bombarded with them constantly. With so much information overload, how can you make sure your message is seen and noticed by potential customers?

Video Advertising with an LED Screen

We already know what video is much more engaging than a still image, people spend their days scrolling through social media on their phones and looking for content and a video is a great way to make sure you stand out from the rest.

If you want to take this a step further and make sure you are engaging with a crowd on a personal level, then hiring a big screen to display your message is an even better way to ensure you are going to be noticed. From festivals to sporting events, there are so many opportunities for you to advertise to a large audience on a massive scale.

With a single day hire of one of our LED screens, you can display your business name crystal clear on the LED display! Deployed anywhere, from town centres or roadsides, the screen will turn heads, grabbing a new audience with its seamless display.

But what does this mean for you? By being able to display your business show-reel outside of a local area, you’re guaranteed to reach a new audience. With this new radius you’ll be able to target a whole new area completely, increasing website-clicks and enhancing business.

Quick & Easy Mobile Screen Set Up

Our LED Mobile Trailer screen is a quick and easy solution to make sure your message is seen. We have years of experience within the industry and our setup means we can have the screen deployed and ready for use within 30 minutes of arrival. With full 360 movement, we can make sure the screen is visible, no matter where we have to park our trailer.

When you work with us we will not only provide the screen, for an additional cost we can also wrap the trailer so that it matches your branding. The screen will be delivered and set up by a trained technician who will stay on site for the duration of the event.

With our experience in the events management industry, we are also able to supply stages, sound systems, lighting and power to support your event. For more details just ask!

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