The Royal Wedding – Event Screen Hire

As soon as the engagement was announced, the Royal Wedding was one of the most talked about events in 2018. Royal fans speculated and shared excitement about the event across social media. As soon as a date was set, event organisers came together to find a way to bring something new to fans of the Royal family.

Mobile LED Screen for Event Hire

We were approached by private event organisers to deploy our mobile LED screens as a public viewing platform for the highly anticipated event. This allowed the event organisers we were working with to create something special so that fans of the Royal Wedding could come together to celebrate. Our screens allowed fans to view the big day with a crystal clear LED display, even under the May sunshine.

Summer Wedding LED Screen

By offering a viewing experience outside, it took the Royal wedding to a whole new level. People no longer had to sit inside to stream the wedding, they were able to sit outside, enjoy the sunshine and come together to celebrate in unison. We are able to stream live TV with no delays in the live broadcast so that viewers were able to experience the magic as and when it happened.

This different approach to organising an event like this brought the public together to enjoy the experience as they cheered, cried and laughed together. As history was made, the crowd was silent, keeping their eye on every detail on our mobile LED screens, and we were proud to be a part of it.

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