The World Cup – Keeping the fans happy

It’s no surprise that every football fan looks forward to The World Cup. Die-hard football fans find themselves watching every football game possible, supporting their team, enjoying the atmosphere and adrenaline. But the World Cup brings in everyone and their mother, leaving those who aren’t a huge fan of the sport intrigued – keeping on top of the score of their country.

The 2018 World Cup tournament did that – and much more. With the scorching sunshine, the ongoing support from football fans far and wide made Summer of 2018 one to remember. Social media was flooded with posts about the matches, everyone sharing pure joy.

The World Cup on the Big Screen

And we were able to take it even a little further for football fans…
We paired up with different venues to create to bring something different for their World Cup viewing events. Our mobile LED screens were deployed to a range of venues including Downhall Hotel and Spa and Dreamland Margate.

Making the most of the sunshine, fans who fancied a change from sitting in their local venue were able to watch those all-important matches live outside. This meant they could enjoy the sun, with no disturbances to viewing!

Seamless LED Screen Integration

With our LED Screens there is no delay in live broadcast so you can enjoy every moment as and when it happens. The system is quick and easy to deploy, with a single technician and a speedy setup, our screens arrived on sites ready to turn heads.

Thousands came together, filling out venues and experienced an uninterrupted outdoor viewing experience with us at Mobile Screen Hire. Even with direct sunlight, viewers could keep their eye on the ball for those ‘and the crowd goes wild’ moments!

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